Rug Stain Removal

Stain Removal

The rug you have is pretty new, but unfortunately you dropped something or for other reason your rug got some stains  that need to be removed. You might be thinking to use normal chemical to clean them, the result  is going to be even worst. If the rugs colour fate, sometimes never possible to get the previous colour back. In that case, you can simply give us a call, we will look your rugs and will send a staff to look the rug and give you a quote. Remember, if you are not happy with our quote, you don’t have to give us the job. We will come back without any charge.

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General Tips for stains

Do not use chemicals or inappropriate detergents on Rugs or carpets i. e. (washing liquids, disinfectants, washing powder, household bleach,). Some of the common steps to follow

Try to work from the outside of the stain in order to avoid spreading

Try to remove the stain as quickly as possible for increased chances of success

Keep your rugs and carpets dry at all times.

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