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Rug And Carpet Overlocking Sydney:    Free Pick Up & Delivery Sydney Wide.

Rug and carpet overlocking  : After using long time , usually , rugs start to get damage. Specially, the side of the rug which is normally over locked by yarn. In that case, we can help you with our rug and carpet overlocking services. We  overlock them back with the exact color yarn , so that it can match with the rug, or you can even choose your own colour.


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Besides, when you shift to new house, rugs and runners measurement could be different than previous house. As a solution, we can cut them according to your own measurement and after we will overlock them back. One thing is very important that every damage starts from a small point and slowly it gets bigger. So, if we repair it on time, we can save the big damage.

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We have a overlocking team which has more than 20 Years’ experience in Sydney area only. We have special machine for overlocking  that will ensure the perfection of any small job. Moreover, we get a lot of jobs from Rug and Carpet shop around Sydney city. As a resut , you visualise now that we are expert for rug overlocking and repairing . If you have any kind of rug related problem, just give us a call, we will send our staff  member to provide you a quote . Remember, if you not happy with our price, we will not charge you anything..


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