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Rug Repair

We repair any type of rugs . Specially Silk rugs, Oriental Rugs, Persian Rugs, Turkish Rugs and Kelim, Woollen Rugs, Shag pile Rugs, Modern Rugs and handmade and machine made rugs.We have a repairing team which has more than 20 Years’ experience in Sydney area only.

Oriental Rug Repairs:

Sometimes rugs are outlive to  their owners. After years of use,rugs get damage and week by dust , dirt, grime, furniture spots and pets.Then rugs need a repair or restoration service.

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We can expertly resize  your rug, restore moth damage, cover kilim holes and repaint rugs,  reweave holes, renap worn areas, restore moth damage.Besides, we can reweave missing fringes.


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 Modern Rug repairs: overlocking damage is the major problem for machine made modern rugs. In that case, we overlock them back with matching colour yarn. Besides, after washing  cotton back woollen rugs, cotton usually get separate from wool and we can join them back. In addition, we repair any sort of big or small job for rugs.



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