Fringe Repair

Most of the oriental rugs come with fringes. These fringes are basically added to go with the pattern and  make the rugs look nice. However with the passage of time, usually fringe gets damage before anything else. The damage in the fringe evetually might end up slowly damaging your rug. The damage of a rug starts from a corner , if you repair the damage on time, you can save the rug.  To fix or replace fringe for machine made rugs is quiet easy and inexpensive. for handmade rug, we weave a new yarn attaching with the rug . so that, it does not come out and perfectly match with the rug. you can get your fringe fixed in two different ways which are described below


Secure the fringes : If you notice any little damage in your rug fringe, simply call us and we will stitch them properly with the new yarn. For machine made rugs, usually we add a new fringe ,because it’s comparatively cheaper . Or even if your rug is new and does not have any damage, you still can use our leather protection process ,so that it can protect from damage in future.

fringe fixing sydney.jpg          fringe fixing sydney australia.jpg



Add a new fringe: When  the fringe is too old, you can add a new fringe rather than fix it. We have a wide range of Persian and oriental rug fringes. we can attach them with yarn that you won’t able to tell that they are attached. Avoid using glue as you fix them.

Fringe replacement sydney australia.jpgfringe repairing sydney australia.jpg


Weave a new fringe: this proce is for hand made rugs. if fringes are badly damage, we can weave a new fringe matching with the rug. However, it could be  the most difficult proces to fix them .But , it is the best and accurate way to fix them and it’s look better than any other process.

fringe weaving.jpg           fringe repairing sydney.jpg


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