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Urine Treatment

Pet’s Urine Treatment:

You might be thinking that how can i get rid of  the smell of dog’s urine of my rugs? Now that your pets peed on your rug and as a normal theory you cleaned them by ordinary steam carpet cleaner. That was alright at the begging, but now it smells a lot that indoor air quality has lost its control and polluted by urine smell. It is so bad that you can’t even breathe properly and it is too embarrassing for you in front of new comer or guest. Now, you have even started thinking to throw it away!

Pets urine treatment sydney australia cat and dog urine on rug.jpg cat urine on rug.jpg


There you go, the good news for you that we have an expert rug cleaning team that  knows how to get rid of  pet’s urine out of your rugs. First we find out the urine spot that cause smell from your rugs. Sometimes, urine spot does not show up clearly. On that case, we use black light to find them and the shine of black light glows the urine spots.

pets urine mark.jpg          pet urine on rug sydney Australia.jpg

Once we find the spot, we spray traditional cleaning product on the urine spots. Sometimes, we have to leave them for one or two days with the cleaning shampoo . It makes the rug smell free, but not 100%. So, we wash them under the water in big bath tub, as like you clean your clean your cloths in side bucket. Because, we know, steam cleaning can’t make rug properly smell free. Imagine, you are not going wear your cloths again and again just having a dry cleaned. You will make sure that they properly cleaned before you wear them. Think about your rugs. It should get properly cleaned too. Yes, we are professional rug cleaner, you can rely on us. You can give us your rugs to clean them and we will clean them as like you clean your clothes.


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